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Anti-lift Control system

Suzuki has successfully developed an advanced system that maximizes acceleration performance while preventing the front wheel from lifting off the ground. The system offers a choice of 10 mode settings when turned on, with Mode 1 providing minimal control and Mode 10 making it virtually impossible to lift the front wheel, even when fully opening the throttle with a passenger on the back.

Bi-directional Quick Shift System

Shift up or down more quickly and easily without the need to operate the clutch or throttle. Quick Shift offers two modes. Mode 1 reacts more quickly to replicate racing-style response, while Mode 2 offers a lighter touch. To ensure smooth shift action when using Quick Shift, the ECM retards ignition when accelerating or maintaining steady speed and opens the throttle valve when decelerating. Performance of the new assist & slipper clutch ensures even smoother shifts.

Engine Brake Control system

This system cancels out the effect of engine braking to suppress rear tyre sliding or skipping and provide smoother, more controllable behavior. A choice of three modes plus an OFF setting let you control the effective strength of engine braking to match riding conditions or your preference.

Motion Track-Traction Control-System

This takes traction control to a new level by employing data from the IMU to constantly monitor the amount of lean angle and effectively limit slip in corners as well as on straightaways. It provides greater stability at all times, enabling confident control in varying riding conditions while reducing stress and fatigue. The system offers a choice of 10 mode settings, and it can be turned off when preferred. The higher number the mode, the faster traction control is engaged and the more proactive the system is in limiting wheel spin.

Poised for Action

The robust collection of advanced electronic control systems that comprise the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.) extend well beyond those of SDMS-α. Each is designed to add convenience, build rider confidence or optimize performance characteristics to match the needs of the moment and make the Hayabusa more controllable and predictable. These systems create a stronger sense of communicating directly with the bike's heart and brain as you explore the potential of the Ultimate Sport Bike.