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Beak Design

A beak design inspired by the legendary DR-Z racer and DR-BIG off-road models, which was brought back and remade specifically for the V-STROM.

LED Headlights

Stylish LED headlights are octagonal shaped with unique high/low beam set up arranging LED lights in three separate rows in a housing made as thin as possible for a sleek look, strong road presence and a lower overall weight.

LED Tail Lights

The LED tail lights are bright, keep the machine highly visible at night.

Knuckle covers

Knuckle covers keep wind, rain and small rocks off the rider’s hands. This keeps them drier on long rides for added comfort and less fatigue.


Compact yet highly functional windscreen shields well, reducing fatigue on long rides.

Separate seat

A separate seat not only lends a sporty look, but also provides plenty of comfort for both rider and passenger. It has comfortable cushioning but also the ability for the rider to shift their weight to either side during sporty riding.

SDual-exit muffler

The short, all-black dual-exit muffler is specifically designed for the V-STROM SX with rugged-looking muffler cap specially tuned for an exhaust note satisfying to the ears.

Engine under cowling

Engine under-cowling offers a tough, rugged look and adds balance to the bike’s exterior lines.


Sport-inspired graphics hint at the V-STROM SX's sporty side, while a textured pattern on the side panels improves both the look and feel of the bike.